04 March 2007

Ice Cream Sticks Container

This is the 2nd craft we did yesterday. It's easy and useful. There's two part to the craft if you don't have a container.

Material needed:

  • Cardboard, our measurements
  • - Main~ h: 14cm X w: 40cm (leaving 2cm for both h & w for joining)
  • - Base~ 10cm in diameter
  • Glue

How to do it:
  1. Join the main cardboard into a cylinder.
  2. Cut one side of the cylinder 2cm from the edge in strips, leaving about 0.7cm thick.
  3. Fold the strips inwards.
  4. Glue the base to the strips.
  5. Wait for it to dry and you have your own container.

Materials needed:

  • Container, you can use empty plastic milk bottle, cut into desired size or the above self-made container.
  • Strong double sided tape
  • Ice cream sticks

How to do it:
  1. Paste double sided tape on the top & bottom edges and the middle of container.
  2. Stick the ice cream sticks to the container till it's all covered.

Now you can keep you stuff in it.

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